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Live role-playing in Oxford - Taruithorn

About Live role-playing in Oxford

Previous Entry Live role-playing in Oxford May. 8th, 2008 @ 12:16 pm Next Entry
Sorry, this is rather off-topic, but I hope it might be relevant to some people here:

I'm a member of Fools and Heroes, a live role-playing society with branches across the country, and have just formed a new branch in Oxford.

Live-Action Role-Playing ("LARP") is like normal role-playing, except that you're actually out in a wood or a dungeon (on one memorable occasion for, deep inside a pitch-black railway tunnel...) taking on the role of your character, and if you want your character to do something then you have to do it for them. That means that the detailed mechanics of table-top RPGs get scaled back a lot (no dice to roll!), but the character interactions are a lot more complex, and of course there's much more of a sense of immersion.

Details of Fools and Heroes in general are at www.visit-ithron.com . It's a mediaeval fantasy country based loosely on the British Isles, with a pantheon of Gods and a detailed magic system. We've been going for over 20 years, so the world background is very rich and the rules have been well established (they're relatively simple for a LARP group, too).

The basic idea is that each branch runs adventures once a month (sometimes more often), on a Saturday or Sunday. There are normally two adventures a day, of which you'll play one, and "monster" the other (ie play the NPCs and monsters for the other party to encounter). If you want to adventure more often, you can visit any other branch - you could play every weekend if you wanted - and play the same character, with plotlines that connect between branches. We also have weekend events with bigger battles and banquets.

The initial suggestion for Oxford branch is to play on the third Saturday of the month, up at Shotover (an easy bus ride from the city centre), the first one being 17th May.

If you're interested do leave a comment, or drop me an email, or something. For those who don't know me, I was the one in shiny armour at the banquet :-)
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