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bomb - Taruithorn

About bomb

Previous Entry bomb May. 23rd, 2008 @ 01:16 am Next Entry
I know this isn't Tolkien-related, but thought I'd let you guys know what's going on in Exeter. We had a bomb go off at lunchtime in a restaurant in the main shopping area. young man with a history of mental illness and a convert to Islam - looks like he was preyed on by the fundamentalist nutcases and manipulated. It's all on the BBC website and I've put stuff in my own LJ about it.

Hope this doesn't put you all off coming to Exeter next year!

Still not quite got my head around the idea of Islamist fundamentalist people setting off bombs in Exeter of all places. I mean, really, WHY?!?!?! What's the point???
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Date:May 23rd, 2008 12:33 am (UTC)
This could happen anywhere; I am not equipped to give the very long answer that the question 'What's the point???' demands. I remember an IRA bomb in Oxford, pre-ceasefire, but that was a long time ago now; we've had animal liberation explosives too, more recently.

I hope that everyone in Exeter recovers from this shock, and though I can only speak for myself, I sincerely doubt that anyone from Oxford will be deterred from visiting Exeter on these grounds. After all, one could easily never venture out of one's habitation, for all the dangers there potentially are in the world.
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Date:May 23rd, 2008 06:22 am (UTC)
Don't fret I believe there were also things going on in Bath too, unless I completely mis-read something about Exeter (Edit: actally I did, but there's also the bloke in Bristol). The evil minds behind these poor berks are trying to get their own back as certain trials draw to a close. Mr BinDoItMyWay wants the world changed to suit him, and his cronies likewise, and so understanding of the mindset (the why, the where) actually becomes very hard.

Edited at 2008-05-23 06:25 am (UTC)
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Date:May 23rd, 2008 09:08 am (UTC)
When I saw the initial report of the explosion, I said to my colleague, "You hardly think of Exeter as a hot-bed of Islamic extremism."
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